Stand Out, Be Seen, Be Bright

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These light show tools, gear, and gadgets will be the perfect addition to any rave outfit.

Shine like never before with a variety of different mind-blowing gear.  Some are easy to impress with only minutes of practice, but others may take a lifetime to master.

I have compiled some of the top companies specializing in brilliant light show production, with the best customer service and warranties. Use the links on this page to go straight to their websites; most websites will have a detailed description of each type of mind-blowing light show tool you may want to try!

It is well worth the time and energy to learn a flow art if you are passionate about raves and music festivals in general. It provides a perfect medium through which you can meet many interesting and unique people while impressing all other festival goers.

Make sure to check out the Rave Apparel and Accessories pages to complete your style.


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Flowtoys, just like the name sounds, has a great selection of various light up toys and instruments that are guaranteed to impress your friends and anyone you meet at festivals. They specialize in poi, staffs, whips, and wands, but also carry a unique selection of juggling and martial arts flow gear as well as comprehensive combo kits for light show connoisseurs and pros. Flowtoys also sells every piece, part, and charging cable you might need to fix or complete a set.

If you are unsure of your flow art skills or need help choosing the right product, make sure to view the “choose your flow toys” section for a comprehensive guide. This guide also has a

comparison sheet that is very helpful when deciding how to blow your friend’s minds! If you don’t think you have the skill, go to the “learn” tab for all the instruction you could ever want.

Flowtoys goals and inspirations:

We envision a world illuminated by people, purpose and products that make life happier, healthier and more beautiful in this dynamic dance called life. 

Our mission is to provide quality, inspiring, and illuminated equipment and services to enable and inspire the growth of the flow arts and the positive effects they have on life and the world. Excellent customer service and our “forever flow” lifetime warranty ensure that your flowtoys are a lastinginvestment. 

Last but not least, Flowtoys comes with an impressive forever flow warranty with lots of options for repairs, replacements, and upgrades. Before you buy to make sure to check out the complete warranty for details on how to make the most of your Flowtoy purchase and use.



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GloFX creates quality flow toys, but also top selling diffraction and kaleidoscope glasses, rave glasses, and much more. I recommend GloFX for light show gadgets but also for your rave accessory needs. GloFX carries a wide array of orbits, gloves, poi, space fibers, and rave gear with special GloFX team picks and options for customization.

GloFX serves as a great community platform, offering contests and giveaways, scholarships, news and blogs, and a learning center for new members in the rave family

GloFX goals and inspirations:

GloFX is the #1 Global Leader in Dimensional Eyewear and has sold millions of pairs of rave glasses to EDM enthusiasts around the world since 2009.

GloFX products get their appeal from their ability to enhance one’s experience and leave a lasting impression. Built on the importance of innovation, GloFX strives to push the boundaries of perception with its revolutionary eyewear and LED Products. The emphasis on quality makes GloFX a popular brand amongst eclectic light and music enthusiasts. Most importantly, the methods for creating a unique experience for each person is what separates GloFX from every other brand in its niche. GloFX changes the way people see the world and the way they interact with it.

Make sure to look into the “Light Up Luminescence” glasses, you won’t believe how amazing they are until you see them, and they fit more into the category of mind-blowing gear than anything else.

GloFX backs all products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and multiple warranties, including complete glasses, space series, and lux series warranties. Make sure to check out all details to get the most out of your GloFX products.

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EmazingLights is one of the largest distributors of quality light show gear. This company specialized in rave gloves, so be sure to check out their selection of pro-rated gloves and gloving accessories. Even if you don’t have any interest,or if you’ve never tried any type of gloves, orbiting or poi, EmazingLights has a wide variety of gear and tutorials that will keep you entertained and giving shows in no time. What started as a simple mission to create the best light show gear turned into a massive community of the best light show artists in the world.

EmazingLights goals and inspirations:


Each member of the EmazingLights team shares a love and passion for light shows and its community. We value and push for the constant progression of light shows, and the growth of our fellow light show artists. The same passion that unites us is the same passion we channel into the energy we put into building great products and fun community unity events to push the lifestyle and joy that light shows can bring to the world!

EmazingLights’ mission is to pioneer gloving and other forms of light shows into a skillful expression of art and competition.

We lead the market by providing everything from high-quality LED gloves, orbits, light up poi balls, and festival and everyday apparel beyond just the products themselves. We also build and provide avenues for our community of highly talented light show artists to stay inspired and motivated. What began as a simple mission to create the best LED toys for music festivals has evolved to inspire a community of highly talented light show artists.

Everything we do, we do it with light show artists in mind, because we are fellow light show artists ourselves! Our team consists of the most knowledgeable light show artists who practice with and test our products every day. We are a tight-knit group that works closely to produce the ultimate shopping experience for our customers and stand behind our products 100% with our lifetime warranty on glove and orbit lights.

If you want to flow art and learn with the best in the world, consider joining the Face Melt Crew. This is Emazinglights team of pro glovers that constantly goes out to unite, inspire, and blow peoples minds with incredible shows. If you want to get into competitive flow art, this is also the community for you. Also, check out the Lights On competition, it is the first of its kind and has thousands of dollars in prizes. Even if you don’t think you have the talent to compete, watch the matchups for inspiration and get your mind blown by the best flow artists alive.

While Emazinglights carries many different types of apparel and accessories, the quality and quantity of their LED gloves and the community that follows are unparalleled.

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