Knowledge Is Power!

Let’s talk about drugs:

Drugs, MDMA, safety, rave drugs, party drug, high, just say knowFirst and foremost, you do not have to take any mind altering substance to enjoy a rave or music festival. If, however, you do decide to take substances, most commonly MDMA, make sure you know what you’re getting!

Seriously! Don’t buy drugs at a festival, you’ll only get ripped off and you will never have a way to know exactly what you are taking. Always plan far enough in advance so you aren’t scrounging at the last minute and hitting up your local sketchy drug dealers.

It is also a very good idea to test the Molly you have, and no that doesn’t mean giving a point to your local drug addict and seeing what happens; buy a real test kit and make sure you’re not going to wreck your brain. I recommend TestkitPlus, test, molly, MDMA, safe, roll, drugs, safe drugs, test drugs, how to test drugs, how to test MDMATestkitplus you can check them out here! They are very reliable, will ship quickly and have a whole host of specific drug testing kits (MDMA, Ketamine/PMA, Opiates (Mecke), LDS, Secondary (Folin), Cannabis/Marijuana, Crack and Cocaine, Fentanyl, and GHB). If you really trust the source, it may not be necessary, otherwise, invest in a test kit! 

If you are a regular, I strongly encourage buying multiple test kits at once to save money, but you can also check out Amazon’s individual test kits here.

Scale, MDMA, Drugs, party drugs, raving drugs, weigh drugs, weigh MDMAOnce you know that you have pure tested MDMA, the next important thing to consider is dosage. This is another major reason you should never take pressed pills or capsules from strangers, you will never know Drugs, capsules, MDMA, party drugs, festival drugs, raving drugs, weigh drugshow much you are ingesting until it is way too late. If you buy pressed pills, make sure you ask what the dosage is and plan accordingly, if you get powder or crystals, make sure you have a good scale that measures to .01g and capsules to put them in.

Before I get any further into drug safety, I want you to think about the health of your body and mind. Whether or not we choose to think about it, drugs are not good for our bodies and our minds. Unfortunately, that knowledge is not enough to stop most of us. If you are reading this that means you are in luck, I have found the best support drugs (yes! more drugs!) to take alongside MDMA.

  • RaveBox, roll, MDMA, molly, drugs, supplements, protect your brainRaveBOX uses a combination of natural supplements that will protect you from the negative effects of MDMA use. 9 different supplements are included, with special instruction on how and when to take them to maximize the healing effects. This will help boost your immune system, replenish your energy supply, restore serotonin levels, and reduce cell damage. To fully understand how important RaveBOX is to keeping your body and brain safe and raving for the rest of your life, check out the full product info here.


  • RaveAid, MDMA, Molly, party drug, raving drug, protect your brainRaveAid is another amazing product. With a 110% money back guarantee they are very confident in the quality of the product. All the healing power is packed into one pill for complete restoration and proactive protection.RaveAid is backed by amazing customer reviews and discounts for larger purchases, so stock up for the whole rave squad and they will thank you more than you realize. Once again, don’t take my word for it, check out the exact science for yourself and invest in your health here. 


  • Rave Doctor, MDMA, party drugs, raving drugsRaveDoctor is only one pill but combines the power of 13 essential ingredients. This extremely powerful supplement includes directions for use and a complete list of the ingredients, as well as describing exactly what all these good drugs do for your body and mind. RaveDoctor is the first supplement designed by healthcare professionals with the EDM lifestyle in mind. It is high quality, well tested, and specifically directed at the lifestyle you want to live. I encourage you to check out their whole website here and learn all about why it takes 13 different ingredients to really keep your body and mind healthy and happy at and after raves.


  • Raveolution 12-PackRaveolution accomplishes the same task as the other supplements, but it also allows you to hydrate at the same time. Raveolution is an all natural and great tasting beverage formula that combines vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants, and more to replenish and rejuvenate the body and mind. This product is specially designed to help the body recover from long nights out, but it can also be used every day for an extra energy boost or a body and mind cleanser. Raveolution also has a subscription-based program that will deliver this revolutionary formula to your doorstep every month to make sure you’re stocked up whenever you need. Check out the full benefits here and use my special code EDMinfo for 10% off your order of Raveolution!

I will let you make the personal decision between these products. I have personally used all four and prefer RaveDoctor in combination with Raveolution. It may seem like overkill but they provide the most comprehensive protection for the brain and body and allow me to feel rejuvenated and happy the morning after any long and crazy night out. Regardless of your budget or choice, protective drugs will be the best long-term investment you can make for your health, I cannot stress this enough…

Finally, I also encourage you to learn as much as possible about any substance you decide to take before it slaps you upside the head and you find yourself face first drooling on the dance floor in front of your crush (it’s happened, trust me). There is a lot to know, and there can be controversial information all over the internet. For other substances you are going to have to do your own research, but if you plan to take MDMA, check out and rollingballzcrew, rollsafe, mdma, rolling, drugsThese two websites have extensive information on how to take MDMA, MDMA Supplements (which I have linked to in the previous section), the side effects, dosages etc. I am not your mother, I cannot force you to read this, but as a fellow raver who wishes for your safety and health, I hope you do, and you know your mother would be proud if you actually did read it.

These websites can be a lot to read, so I’ll give you a short summary of how to roll like a pro. First, take your supplements; both websites highly emphasize this. You should even start taking some supplements a few days before and after you drop to maximize your roll and bounce back. On the night before your roll, get enough sleep. You won’t be while under the influence. Also, eat a good meal before you drop, chances are you won’t be eating while rolling, but you don’t want to drop on a full stomach so the pills will take effect quickly and more efficiently. Take some Tums or Rolaids about an hour before you drop, or at the same time as you drop. This will neutralize your stomach, prolonging your roll since more of the pill will enter your system and less will be dissolved by stomach acid, it will also help if you tend to feel any nausea.  Immediately after you drop, stay warm and active, this will bring the onset faster, and cold just kills the roll anyway. Pop in some gum to avoid biting your cheeks or tongue. When rolling you will be clenching your jaw incessantly and will not feel the pain of biting the inside of your mouth until the next morning. Be aware of when you have completely destroyed a piece of gum and replace it, don’t be afraid to go through a ton of gum in one night, it will be worth it the next day. Drink plenty of water before you drop and a little after. As important as it is to stay hydrated, it is also possible over hydrate, so find a good middle ground. In addition to water, drink other fluids designed to replenish you, Gatorade or Gatorade powder for example. Also, don’t forget to urinate every once in a while, you might not notice that your bladder is full, but I promise that as soon as you relieve yourself, you’ll be grateful and ready to dance even harder. Make sure to take more health supplements before you fall asleep that night and try to sleep as much as you can. Most importantly, take it easy the next few days, eat and drink healthy, and don’t forget to talk to your friends all about the crazy shit you did when you were high.

Rave Sign, raving party, General Festival Safety

Any experienced raver will tell you that things do not always go your way. Without your complete wits about you (because we know they aren’t always there) or a plan, things can escalate and lead to lost friends, bad trips, unfriendly encounters with law enforcement or worse. The good news: all of this can be avoided!


  • As a general rule, make sure you know the do’s and don’ts of any festival you attend. Chances are you will be able to guess most of the rules, but sometimes it’s not so obvious. For example, some festivals will not let you bring any Kandi or totems, so you don’t want to Kandi, Kandi gear, rave gear, P.L.U.Rshow up to the security gate and get it all taken away.
  • I highly recommend going with a group of people you really trust as good friends, or alone. Do not go with people you are unsure about. If you do not know the people very well but get a good vibe from them, by all means, go and use this opportunity to connect with acquaintances and make lifelong friends out of the experience. I am just warning against going to a festival with people you do not have a positive history with, or people you have previously fought with, been jealous of, or gotten bad vibes from. Especially consider this if you decide to take any type of drug as they all heighten senses, both good and bad. You do not want other people in your group to be the reason you experience a bad trip.
  • If you are unsure about the people but still want to rave, don’t be afraid to go alone! While it might seem nerve-wracking to make a solo trip amongst so many strangers, rave squads are often very friendly to solo adventurers and will adopt individuals for the night or even the whole festival. In addition, many people always make solo trips and will be on the lookout for other solo adventurers to create a new unique squad.
  • When you first enter the festival area, make sure you have your whole group together and agree on a meeting place. Make sure this is one of the first things you do as a group; no matter how close you watch your friends, there is always a chance you may lose them in the crowd. Pick a unique structure or landmark, and make sure you clarify the exact spot. I have personally been waiting half an hour for friends that were waiting on the other side of our designated Rave meeting place, find my friends, Rave flowerlandmark, don’t be that idiot who misses half a great set because of a simple miscommunication. Also, NEVER ASSUME YOUR PHONES WILL WORK. Technology is amazing in this day and age, but packing thousands of people into a very small area can back up cell towers. Often you might think a text has gone through, but the other person won’t actually receive it until hours later. To help keep your friends together, consider making a totem (Check out How To Make A Festival Totem + Totem Etiquette). Totems are highly recommended for larger squads so you can easily find your party, even if you’re standing far away. Make sure your festival allows totems; many won’t let you bring them into the venue because of the visual impact they have for the rest of the crowd.
  • Medical tent, rave medical attention, party drugs, safe havenNext, make sure you know where the medical tents are, every festival should come equipped with plenty of help. Even if you aren’t planning to take drugs, other things can happen. I had a friend fall and tear a ligament in his leg while he was completely sober. Thankfully, we were in a favorable location and paramedics were able to get to him immediately. If you or anyone else has a similar experience in the middle of a mosh pit, knowing exactly where to find the medical tent might save yourself, a friend, or a stranger a lot of time and pain.
  • Every festival will tell you this because it’s true, but always drink a shitload of water. In fact, drink extra water. Many drugs have a numbing effect on your senses so you won’t realize you are very thirsty until it is too late! Look into buying a hydration pack, check out Vibedration and use my special code hydration station, life is a party, stay hydrated, vibedration, camel back, hydration pack EDMINFO for 10% off your order on an awesome pack. As a general rule of thumb, have 1 hydration pack between 3 people, even more is great. This will assure you have water at all times and won’t have to leave the front of the dance floor right when your favorite artist comes on. If you have enough water, other people in the crowd will see you and likely come begging for water because they weren’t smart like you and didn’t plan ahead. Help these people out, they will thank you profusely, and who knows, maybe they have something cool you can barter for.
  • As positive as most festival vibes are, unfortunately, it is impossible to trust everyone at all times. It is also impossible to always keep tabs on your backpack, but be aware that people sometimes steal things right off festival goers backs. It is rare and will likely never happen to you, but the more aware you are of your surroundings and the people around you, the less likely you will become a target.festival Security loves a good rave, festival dancers, security is lit

Security Safety

With more people dying at EDM music festivals every year, security has become increasingly tight. For the most part, festival security and law enforcement presence are to support the community and make sure the venue stays safe. At the same time, you want to make sure you are following and aware of the festivals specific laws, and if you choose to break them, you may find yourself facing the consequences.

  • Security Lines and Entrances: Do not be surprised to see law enforcement everywhere around festivals. Many people always try to sneak into festivals, and while some succeed and enjoy a free night of dancing and raving, many others are sent away or charged with tickets or even misdemeanors, depending on the situation. I am NOT saying you should sneak into venues, the Lit police cars, rave police, raving enforcementpromoters, producers and DJ’s work hard to put these events on, and they are worth the money. If you do find yourself in a situation where you might get caught, immediately drop all your illegal substances. I have met too many people who have been so worried about getting caught that when it does happen, their brain freezes and they end up with a much heftier possession charge. I would think this should go without saying, but don’t show up at the entrance blacked the fuck out, if you can’t handle your substances, don’t take anything before entering, or make sure you don’t pregame too hard. At the entrance to the venue, always expect to have your person and bag searched. In addition, do not let security fool you the first night of a multi-day festival by barely searching your stuff. Don’t get a false sense of confidence and become lax, the next night they will search you thoroughly. If you choose to bring any illegal substances to the venue, be very careful where you choose to place them. Remeber your rights, and remember the fact that anything you say can and will be used against you, so choose your words very wisely. Always be respectful to authority and don’t back talk, even if you are internally cussing them out. I have seen a dude get knocked out cold for being incredibly disrespectful, and he honestly had it coming to him. You never want to be that guy spreading negative vibes to a festival and ending his night in a drunk tank.


  • Inside The Venue: The festival entrances are not the only place you need to be aware of your actions and the security personnel. Sometimes drug dogs will patrol the area; people get sniffed and caught once already inside the Cartoon Police, mdma, raving, party enforcement gates all the time. If you do decide to run, you better be damn sure you can get away because that can add additional charges, makes you look incredibly suspicious, and is not advised. No matter how fast you are, you will never run faster than a radio, and getting your face smashed into the ground by a 250-pound cop just sounds like a shitty night altogether. If you get too intoxicated, are being blatantly rude or obviously disturbing the peace of the festival, you might get wrecked. If you feel you are too intoxicated, find a medical tent or have someone help you to a medical tent, it will prevent you from sustaining any serious damage and you will avoid dealing with the law altogether.